aravah (aravah) wrote in bayareawriting,

Resources for Fiction Writers

Hello! I'd like to let you all know about start_writing, a resource community for fiction writers.

The community was originally created for the students of The Open University's 'Start Writing Fiction' Course (A174), however, membership is now open to anyone, although you don't have to be a member to post your resources and recommendations.

To find resources please visit the tags page. Each resource is listed under its most appropriate tags. The general writing sites tag leads to sites that contain information on many aspects of writing. You might want to look in detail at these sites to find additional information.

Feel free to share any links you might have stashed away in your bookmarks. The more the merrier!

We also have a sister site, start_writing_2, for challenges, prompts and critique.

Thank you for your time. :)
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